Divar Island Celebrates Bonderam Festival

Viva Bonderam Festival, Divar Island Goa India

What is Bonderam?

One thing that I have learned while living in Goa is: Celebrate every little thing, enjoy every day. Throughout the year, Goa celebrates an array of festivals. Each festival has its own uniqueness and has an interesting story behind it. Some festivals are grand, like Carnival and some are more popular amongst the local community. One such colorful and grand festival is BONDERAM.

The word BONDERAM has evolved from the Portuguese word for flags: Bandeira. Back in the day, during Portuguese era in Goa, territories were demarcated using flags to avoid any altercation between different communities. These tactics were not really effective and different sections of Divar Island used to get into disputes.

The practice is now long gone, but residents of Divar figured out a way to commemorate and celebrate this peculiar part of their history. People from all across the state and photographers from all across the country gather around on this small island to witness the colorful celebrations.


Vibrants floats, people dressed in traditional costumes, kids dancing, elders rejoicing and what not. HAVE A LOOK!

NOTE: These images and videos are from Bonderam Festival in 2015.

Hope you enjoyed a quick sneak peek of this wonderful festival. Make sure to add this to your Goa itinerary when you are planning your trip next time.


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