Unique Diwali in Goa with Narkasur

diwali in goa-narkasur

Diwali in Goa has a different flavor altogether. What makes Goan Diwali celebration different from north Indian Diwali is the ritual of burning the Narakasur effigy.


diwali in goa-narkasur
diwali in goa-narkasur
diwali in goa-narkasur

The local housing societies and colonies also organize the Narkasur Effigy Contest and the entire Panjim city is bustling with people on their bikes and scooters even during wee hours. Here is a look at the celebration and the massive effigies:

So, if you are not a Goan, then I strongly recommend you to experience this UNIQUE diwali celebration at least once in life.


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