Exploring Santana Church, Talaulim

The Church of St. Anne aka Sant’Ana or Santana Church in Talaulim is another architectural beauty in Goa, made in Indo-Portuguese baroque style. The construction of this 430+ years old church was taken over by different patrons over the course of time. The church was founded in 1577, but was rebuilt by its Vicar, Msgr Francisco de Rego (1681-1689) and his successor, Fr Antonio Francisco da Cunha completed it in 1695. The structure used to be in a really bad shape due to neglect and inadequate maintenance. But restoration work by WMF and INTACH in the recent years has brought back it’s former glory and beauty.

There is a very interesting and widely known story about Church of St. Anne or Santana Church. According to legends, the place got it’s name because back in 16th/17th century, some local people had a vision of St Anne around the Church in the form of an old woman with a hat and a walking stick.

Here are a few more shots depicting the intricate work on the doors & exterior facade of the structure.

A very unusual festival takes place here every year on the last Sunday of July: Touxeachem Feast or the festival of cucumbers, which also coincides with the Feast of St. Anne. Childless couples come here and offer cucumbers at the feet of St. Anne and pray to be blessed with a child. This year, Touxeachem Feast will take place on 30th July 2017.


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