Gokarna Diaries Part 1: Exploring beyond beaches

Over the past couple of years, Gokarna has emerged as a popular tourist destination, mainly because of it’s beautiful untouched beaches. While living in Goa, I have had enough of beaches. But I still wanted to explore this laid-back town, which also happens to be major Hindu pilgrimage site in Uttara Kannada. Here are some moments from my first solo trip since 2013. Have a look!!
Women belonging to Halakki tribe selling flowers at the Mahabaleshwara temple. The whole population of Halakki tribe is scattered around Uttara Kannada districts. What surprised me was that Halakki women and people have maintained their traditional lifestyle and culture in spite of rapid modernization around them.

Apart from being a holiday destination, Gokarna is also popular Hindu pilgrimage destination. During some major Hindu festivals, like Shivratri, the town is visited by thousands of pilgrims.



Away from all the beaches and hustle bustle, lies a laidback, slow-paced and blissful town! Here are some scenes and sounds I captured while taking a walk around the town!


Just a bunch of kids enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Mahabaleshwara Temple- a major religious pilgrimage site in Karnataka


This is not it…Click HERE for part 2.

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