Goan Diwali Celebrations with Narkasur : In Pictures (2018)

In my previous blog post about unique Diwali celebrations in Goa, I shared some stories and background about Narak Chaturdashi.

Like every year, this year’s celebration were quite spectacular. Here is a compilation of all the best moments [videos and images] captured through my lens :

You can also get a feel of the entire experience in these videos. 


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17 responses to “Goan Diwali Celebrations with Narkasur : In Pictures (2018)”

  1. Wow.. absolutely fantastic…..great post


  2. Beauty Me Please Avatar
    Beauty Me Please

    Woah! This festival looks so amazing! I would love to be there!

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  3. Amazing pictures, The spirit of festival was beautifully captured

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  4. Neil Alvin Nicerio Avatar
    Neil Alvin Nicerio

    Fantastic. I love the composition of the photos. I felt like I was in the event itself. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. I love the vibrant photographs and videos! 🙂 I had to click on the previous post to truly understand what was happening in this celebration. Happy belated Diwali!

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  6. Wonderful portrayal of Goan Diwali celebrations. Had no idea of such unique festivities though I have been to Goa.

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  7. Too cool to see the behind the scenes of the parade and celebration. Thanks for sharing!

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  8. I did a great job capturing this New Year’s festivities.

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  9. WOW! Stunning art. I would love to visit the place some day. Good to know Goa is more than just beaches!

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  10. Wow the photos in this post are really really vibrant and enticing want to wait to attend Diwali and witness the images for his or herself.

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  11. Wonder pictures with beautiful descriptions 🤗

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  12. I must say, you’ve got great snaps here….. Stunning….

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  13. Woah!
    Now this is great stuff!
    I wish someday i can attend your Diwali
    Love from Pakistan ❤

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  14. Stunning photos! Must’ve been amazing to see it all first-hand. 🙂

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  15. Thanks for sharing your Diwali pics


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  16. very interesting and different from rest of the country. Narkasur effigy looks great!

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  17. Omg! The festival looks so beautiful! I wish i was able to be there to experience it.

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