Exploring Lost Village of Curdi in Sanguem, Goa

“Once upon a time, there was a village”.

That’s pretty much true for this particular village in Goa, called Curdi (Kurdi), which now remains submerged under water most of the year and reappears during the months of scorching summer heat.
Sounds interesting, right? Although it’s not because of some natural phenomenon, and but due to human activities.

Back in 1970s, when Salaulim Dam was being constructed to meet the state’s water supply demands, nearby villages were evacuated and people were relocated to different location so as to make way for the reservoir.
During summer, when the water level decreases, remnants of some these old abandoned houses, chapels and temples are still visible. Most popular amongst these ruins is an ancient Someshwar temple. An annual gathering also takes place here where original residents get together to reminisce old memories of the village.

Here is a glimpse:

Here is a short clip of my visit to Curdi Village before monsoon started:

Best Time to Visit: April to June [During summer and before monsoon starts]
Rent a taxi or take your own vehicle, but make sure to carry lots of water as the trek can be quite tiring for some.
Also, make sure not to leave any plastic waste behind! 🙂


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