Goa Walking Tour: Panjim Market Post-Lockdown Scenes

Since most of the lock-down restrictions have been lifted, and Goa is in “UNLOCK 4” phase right now, I decided to explore one of the main market areas of Panjim on a sunny afternoon. The place is usually pretty chaotic and filled with people. But due to obvious reasons, it’s not really that crowded. Be it vegetables, flowers, clothes or electronics, one can shop for almost everything here, and that too at a very cheap price.

I started this walk from Fish Market Street, passing through ESG [Entertainment Society of Goa] & Inox Theater, inside the main Panjim Market and then ended it just a short distance away from the start point.

4K Goa Walking Tour: Post-Lockdown Scenes Around Panjim Market (5th September 2020)

Entertainment Society of Goa or ESG was established in 2004 with the aim to make Goa an art and culture hub. They’re the organizers of annual “International Film Festival of India” or IFFI, where cinema from all across the globe gets showcased and famous movie personalities, from India and abroad, make their presence. The building in which ESG is located is of utmost historical importance. Originally known as Maquinez Palace, this impressive building has changed hands a number of times in the past. It was built in 1702 by two brothers Diago da Costa de Ataide e Tieve and Cristovam da Cost de Ataide e Tieve, aka The Maquinezes. 1842 onwards, it used to house Goa Medical College [GMC], which was one of the Asia’s first medical institution. Nowadays, these buildings are more popular amongst Cinephiles and Shopaholics. The Panjim Market Area or “New Municipal Market” was redeveloped in 2006. The area is also popular for it’s early morning fish market, which I have covered in another video.

Here’s the route-map of the walk, if you wish to do it yourself.

I hope you enjoy this 4K Goa Walking Tour as much as I enjoyed documenting it. You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel, Nomadographer Explores, for more such videos.


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