Goa Walking Tour: Laidback Scenes from Siridao Village & Beach

Nomadographer Siridao Beach Goa

Take a closer look at a laidback Goan village by the beach. In this one, I am walking through the Siridao village in North Goa and ending the walk at Siridao beach with a spectacular sunset view. Personally, I love this beach for it’s stunning view of the Vasco port on the opposite side, unobstructed sunset, and for collecting shells.

It is said that the northern fringe of the Siridao beach used to be a part of the ancient Gopakapattana port, remains of which are hardly existent anymore.

Here is the route map of the walk if you wish to do it yourself:

On the edge of the Siridao beach, on top of a small hillock is the Jesus Nazareth Chapel which was made in the memory of the people who died during an epidemic ages ago.

This shrine is also famous for the Feast of Jesus of Nazareth, which is celebrated there during the first week of Easter.

I hope you enjoy this 4K Goa Walking Tour as much as I enjoyed documenting it. You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel, Nomadographer Explores, for more such videos.


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