Exploring Historic Corjuem Fort: Pictures & Virtual Tour

Corjuem fort was built in 1550 and was originally the property of the Bhonsle rulers of Sawantwadi.

Portuguese colonists rebuilt the fort in 1705 to boost their defences of Panaji, which had by then become the capital city.

It is smaller than the other forts in Goa, but it gives a good view of the surrounding river and land. Like most of the other forts in Goa, Corjuem fort is constructed of laterite stone. Built in a square shape, it has bastions at each of the four corners with embrasures for cannons.

At each corner of the fort is a ramp-like stair which can be mounted so that one can walk around the ramparts. There is also a well, living quarters for the defenders and a chapel dedicated to St. Anthony.

Although weathered and ruined by the elements, it is still in pretty good condition today.

Thanks to its vantage point atop a hill, it provides stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Here’s a 4k Virtual Tour around Corjuem Fort:


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