Rebirth of a Century-Old Bondvol Lake in Goa

Bondvol Lake in 2020

After getting completely dry in 2016, the Bondvol or Bondava lake in Goa got a second lease of life when the citizens of Santa Cruz village started a movement to save it from destruction. Have a look:


Bondvol, a 110-year-old natural reservoir in Goa, built during the Portuguese times, was the source of water for the village of Santa Cruz. It collects rain and spring water over a 9.365-hectare submergence basin. The lake has unique natural hydrology that collects rainwater from the hills that surround it on three sides. On the fourth side, the villagers fortified an earthen embankment. In 1910, the Portuguese colonial authorities put in a valve and a spillway was created to irrigate the fields in the surrounding area. But due to human intervention and several construction projects, the lake went completely dry in 2016. Here is the satellite imagery of Bondvol lake back in 2014 and 2016:

A citizen movement called “Save Bondvol Lake” started in 2017 to restore the original beauty of the lake. The efforts of the citizens of Santa Cruz have led to the conservation of this natural reservoir with rich biodiversity. As a result of these constant conservation efforts by Santa Cruz residents, Bondvol lake is set to get “wetland” status as well.

It is a great example of how community led movements can play a crucial part in saving our ecosystem.


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