Exploring my Hometown: Gwalior Virtual Tour Series

Back in July 2021, I visited my hometown Gwalior after 3 years and my ancestral home in Bhind after 8 years.

Documented my journey in a series of immersive virtual tour videos covering various locations:

Gwalior’s Maharaj Bada & Jiwaji Chowk | महाराज बाड़ा जीवाजी चौक ग्वालियर | 4K Walking Tour
Gwalior in an Auto Rickshaw- Traffic & Street Scenes | Offbeat India | 4K Ambient Virtual Tour
Gwalior Fort Walking Tour in 4K 60 FPS | Ambient Rain Sounds | Offbeat India | ग्वालियर का किला
Gwalior to Bhind by Road – National Highway 719, Madhya Pradesh | Offbeat India | ग्वालियर भिंड रोड
My Ancestral Home in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh, India- Relaxing Ambient Sounds & Drone Views [4K]


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