Exploring Amthane Dam in Bicholim, Goa

Amthane Dam and Reservoir, Bicholim, Goa, India

About Amthane Dam

Everyone knows that Goa is blessed with many rivers, lakes, beaches and natural beauty. But the lack of continuous stretches of land and varying topography often poses a challenge when it comes to irrigation of farms. To facilitate proper water supply for farm irrigation and for household usage, Goa’s Department of Water Resources created several minor irrigation tanks [M.I. Tanks] across the state. Amthane is one such project which provides irrigation water for nearby farms and also provides raw water supply to Asnora / Assonora treatment plant.

Located in Bardez Taluka, 33 kms away from Panjim and 20 kms away from Mapusa, Amthane Dam / Tank has successfully managed to stay off the tourist radar. Although, it is quite a popular location for locals who come here to enjoy a good swim and relax with their friends and family.

The water reservoir surrounded by the small hills of Sahyadri range creates a spectacular view, especially during sunset.

Amthane Dam & Reservoir, Goa, India

Amthane dam/tank has the total capacity of 597 Ha.m (hectare meter), at which the water level can reach upto 50.25 m. During monsoon, the dam usually reaches its full capacity. In July 2019, due to heavy rainfall, water level went beyond the maximum capacity and excess water was discharged using the in-built system.

A few years back, unregulated laterite brick extraction and felling of trees in the nearby areas posed a threat to the reservoir.

In case you want to extend your stay and enjoy the peaceful surroundings even more, there is a farmhouse turned into picnic spot called Amthane Valley right next to the reservoir. The place has a swimming pool, a waterslide and a couple of rooms to stay overnight. Entry ticket is Rs.100 per person and room tariff is around Rs. 400 per room.  Make sure you are carrying your own food and extra pair of clothes.

How to reach Amthane Dam

Here is a quick glimpse:

Best Time to Visit:

Throughout the year, especially during monsoon

Visit Amthane Dam for:

 Stunning Views and Relaxation

Exploring Goa’s Hidden Gem Amthane Dam


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